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Secretary's Day Gifts

Secretaries Day is on Wednesday 04 September2013 so don't miss the opportunity to show your secretaries how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication. Belle Regalo has handpicked a selection of thoughtful and appropriate gifts to help you express your gratitude to your most indispensable employees.

Bags as a Secretary's Day Gift

Ladies Fashion Handbag

Code: BB0105


  • Colourful Exterior
  • Black PU Accents
  • 19cm PU Carry Handles
  • Metal Zipper
  • Inner Zippered Pocket & Accessory Pouch

Size: 45cm x 33cm x 19cm 

Material: Nylon PU Accents

Colours: Black, Parch and Red  

These lovely fun bags are a wonderful medium cost gift for woman’s month or for secretary’s day. There is enough space to put almost everything in it, so it makes a wonderful corporate gift for any woman on the go.

6 Panel Brushed Cotton Caps - for corporate clothing

The 6 panel basic cap is the most popular cap in the range. It has a good balance of budget and functionality.

Cap Colours: Bottle Green cap, navy cap, white cap, khaki cap, red cap, royal cap, black cap, yellow cap.

Active Military Caps - for corporate clothing

This fashionable cap is popular with the young at heart and also as a boot camp or team building cap.

Cap Colours: Black, Camo Brown, Camo Green, Grey Cap, Navy Cap, Olive Cap, Pink Cap, Red Cap, Sky Cap, Stone Cap

Aviator Cap - for corporate clothing

Cap colours: Black/lime cap, black/red cap, black/yellow cap, khaki/black cap, navy/red cap, navy/white cap, orange/black cap, purple/white cap, black/red cap, red/navy cap, royal/white cap, turquoise/white cap.

Bucket Hat - for corporate clothing

The bucket makes a great every day shade hat. It is great for working in the garden or short hikes. It is a more fashionable alternative to the safari hat.

Hat colours: Khaki hat, black hat, navy hat, read hat, royal hat, white hat, yellow hat.

Beanies - Avalanche Cuffed Beanie - for corporate clothing

Who can go wrong with a beanie for winter corporate clothing? Beanies remain a favourite over the winter months and are well received by all ages.

Beanie Colours: Black Beanie, bottle beanie, burgundy beanie, navy beanie, red beanie. Sky beanie

Beanie - Cuffed Knitted Beanie - for corporate clothing

The classic knitted beanie can be used for staff or makes an excellent charity give away for schools and homeless shelters for winter.

Beanie Colours: Pick beanie, bottle beanie, burgundy beanie, charcoal beanie, chocolate beanie, grey beanie, khaki beanie, lime beanie, lumo orange beanie, lumo yellow beanie, navy beanie, orange beanie, pink beanie, red beanie, royal beanie, sky beanie, white beanie, yellow beanie

Beanie - Polar Fleece Beanie - for corporate clothing

These snug and comfortable beanies are a must for very cold winters. They make great sets with the polar fleece scarves and gloves.

Beanie colours: Black Beanie, bottle beanie, chocolate beanie, khaki beanie, navy beanie, red beanie, royal beanie, stone beanie, yellow beanie.

Cliffhanger Cap - for corporate clothing

This dramatically striped cap is a great fashionable cap to use for corporate ware.

Cap Colours: Black/lime cap, black/red cap, black/stone caps, black/white caps, black/yellow caps, khaki/black caps, navy/red caps, navy/white caps, orange/black caps, purple/white caps, red/black caps, red/navy caps, red/white caps, royal/white caps, turquoise/white caps, white/emerald caps, yellow/red caps.

Earth Life Cap - for corporate clothing

Cap Colours: Black/khaki caps, black/red caps, black/white caps, bottle/yellow caps, khaki/black caps, khaki/navy caps, navy/white, red/white caps, royal/white caps

Executive Suede Master Cap

This luxurious feeling cap is a superb upmarket corporate clothing items for more discerning clients.

Cap Colours: Black/khaki caps, khaki/black caps, pink/white caps, red/black caps, sky/navy caps.

Fade Resistant Cap - for corporate clothing

Cap Colours: Black caps, bottle caps, burgundy caps, navy caps, red caps, royal caps.

Safari Wide Brimmed Hat - for corporate clothing

An ideal hat for walks, gardening and other outdoor activities.

Available in size: 56cm, 58cm, 60 cm

Hat colours: Camo brown hat, camo green hat, khaki, lumo orange hat, lumo yellow hat, navy hat, olive hat, royal hat, stone hat

Sandwich - Sandwich Brushed Cotton Cap - for corporate clothing

Cap Colours: Black/red cap, black/white cap, black/yellow cap, khaki/black cap, navy/white cap, red/white cap, royal/white cap

Sandwich - Metal Sandwich Peak Cap - for corporate clothing

This is an extremely popular cap. The metal trim gives the cap a more upmarket look. They vast range of colours makes it an ideal corporate clothing choice.

Cap Colours: Black/orange, black/red caps, black/sky caps, black/white caps, black/ yellow caps, bottle/yellow caps, charcoal/stone caps, chocolate/stone caps, khaki/black caps, lime/black caps, navy/orange caps, navy/redcaps, navy/white caps, navy/yellow caps, orange/black caps, red/black caps, red/white caps, royal/red caps, royal/white caps, royal/yellow caps, stone/navy caps, white/black caps, yellow black caps.

Twill Visor Cap

Visor colours: Black visor, bottle visor, camo grey visor, khaki visor, navy visor, orange visor, pink visor, red visor, royal visor, sky visor, turquoise visor, white visor.

A cap is a form of headgear . Caps have crowns that fit very close to the head and have no brim or only a visor . They are typically designed for warmth and, when including a visor, blocking sunlight from the eyes. They come in many shapes and sizes.

Baseball caps are potentially one of the most effective promotional items available on the market at the present time. The reasons for this are simple; those items will be worn either by employees, or by customers who were given them as promotional gifts. Other items used for promotional purposes such as fridge magnets might not be as effective as they will only be seen in the house of the person who received the magnet. Some other products like promotional mugs are used only in the office and target just a small audience.

What can be done to bring your company's logo to the wider public?

Baseball caps could be just the right answer to this question. As you would normally wear them outside, the chances of a larger audience seeing your branded caps are much higher. You could also make an effort in personalizing the design of the product according to latest trends in fashion.

Baseball caps , when purchased in bulk do not cost much. Furthermore, printing logos and other designs on them is also remarkably cheap. Since caps are usually noticed from the front, the area that is mostly printed on is the front portion. This is why promotional ones are easier to design and create than other items. The material used in the cap and the stitching shall dictate its price. What is crucial is not to go too cheap on them that people who are given these items will shy away from them. Finding quality material for caps is not a costly affair in fact, synthetic materials and coarse fibers work best in making them.

The design of promotional baseball caps shall depend on the recipients and the brand image of the company. If the customer base of the company is comprised of children, then using kids designs with cartoons and funny images incorporated into the logo, is a superb choice. If women are the recipient then using caps with subtle but feminine looking designs work best. For men, a rugged and more traditional design on top a baseball cap goes well. Therefore, it is essential to design as per the majority of the audience and not simply on the brand logo.

The perfect place to give away promotional baseball caps are at sports meets and other outdoor events. Because of the relationship that baseball caps have with sports, it is often the best choice alongside sports bottles at outdoor events. However, such items can also be given at conferences and fairs as a part of a gift bag or goody bag along with mugs , pens and T-shirts .