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Woman's Day: Top Ten Gifts

From corporate gifts, branded gifts with your personalized logo, Christmas gifts to corporate clothing and products– everything can be done here!

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Woman’s Day Gifts by Personality

Low Cost Woman’s Day Gifts  

National Women's Day is an opportunity to remember the South African women of the past, honour women of the present and inspire the women of the future. It celebrates the role women play and continue to play in society.

Started as a political event, the holiday blended in the culture of many countries. In some celebrations the day has lost its political flavor and became simply an occasion for men to express their love to the women around them in a way somewhat similar to Mother’s day and St Valentine’s Day mixed together. In others however the political and human rights theme is designated by the United Nations runs strong and political and social awareness of the struggles of women worldwide are brought out and examined in a hopeful manner.

When is Woman’s Day in South Africa?

09 August

Top 10 Gifts for Woman’s Day

Here is a compilation of the top ten gifts for Woman’s Day.

1. A Special Day – Arrange a special ladies lunch give each lady a special gift wrapped.

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2. Jewelry as a Woman’s Day Gift –Corporate Jewelry is becoming more and more popular. It is usually best to choose something classical that will fit into most people’s wardrobes, like a pearl pendant, or bracelet. Watches are also becoming a firm favorite.

This pretty bracelet watch with delicate charms has a Citizen Miyota Movement with a 2-Year Guarantee, and comes in a mesh tin packaging.

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3. Day at the Spaas a Woman’s Day Gift – Pamper the women in your life with a relaxing day at a local spa or with spa like gifts or gift sets.

This particular set includes a hair brush, mirror, body brush, roll massager, cellulite massager and bath sponge in a wooden presentation tub . It makes lovely Woman’s Day gift.

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4. Digital Photo frames as a Woman’s Day Gift – Allow her to share her memories with a new digital photo frame on her desk.

There's no better way to keep a woman connected to friends and family than by allowing her to receive photos and view and share them everyday. The best Woman’s Day is a way for her to see her kids and grandkids every day -- and to easily show them off to her friends.

A 24” Digital Photoframe. Her favourite images in style on her desk! This gift is ideal for a desktop promotion, stores up to 25 photos with built-in rechargeable battery.

This digital photo frame is supplied with 3 different coloured interchangeable frames. The minimum order for this gift is 500 units. Please allow 2 – 3 weeks delivery from date of order and payment of deposit.

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5. Body Lotions as a Woman’s Day Gift – Make her feel beautiful with some nice body lotions.

It’s always nice to get like a gift set from bath and body works like the baskets that come with like lotion spray and body wash. These gifts make women feel pampered and special.

Water Lily Orchid Gift Bag with125 ml bath sugar, 125ml body butter and 125 ml bath scrub is a lovely woman’s day gift. For branding you can print on the bag or apply a domed sticker.

Also in this range are Water Lilly Deluxe Gift set and the Water Lilly Orchid Gift box.

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6. Hampers as a Woman’s Day Gift – A hamper is a wonderful surprise and your gesture will be remembers throughout the use of the goodies inside and long after that. T reat the ladies to a range of goodies designed to make them feel special & pampered.

I love getting hampers as a woman’s day gift. A hamper has a whole bunch of goodies in it. So it is like lots of presents all in one and if the hamper is a large one then each piece is a discovery. Much a like a woman, who is multifaceted and full of surprises.

This particular hamper is: a Foot Spa Hamper. It consists of Softening & Refreshing Lily Scented Scrub & Cream, Wooden Foot file and Nailbrush.

Everything you need to give your feet a Real Spa Treatment!

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7. Books as a Woman’s Day Gift – We offer a super range of books which can have tip in pages inserted with your corporate message.

You’re Happy, you just don’t know it.

Format: 210mm x 160 mm; Binding: Paper back; Number of pages: 176

Available titles change regularly

The biggest challenge in life is not fulfilling your wildest dreams, but removing the belief that you can’t. You’re Happy … you just don’t know it yet is aimed at women who are feeling unhappy or unfulfilled in life. Its premise is that perception is reality, and that each individual lives her own unique perception. Once she accepts this, she can take control of and steer her life in the direction she wants it to take. In other words, the key to happiness lies within each of us.

This book will introduce the reader to new ways of thinking and perceiving, and offer tips on how to reframe problems, rewrite life scripts and develop positive thinking so that she can make her life work for her. It will unlock each woman’s true potential and remind her of what she already knows: that she is free to be what she wants, free to get what she wants, and free to be truly happy.

8. A Cuddly Throw Blanket as a Woman’s Day Gift - A super soft blanket in her favorite color is a perfect gift and will be fun to cuddle under together this winter.

When the weather turns crisp, nothing beats curling up in a favorite armchair bundled in a warm, cozy blanket. Who doesn’t use a blanket? Everyone uses them and has spares in their cupboard for guest. One of my favorite lazy treats is to make a huge bed in the lounge and my entire family lies on it together and watch DVDs. All snuggled up in a line together. It is a real leisurely treat.

9. Coffee Maker as a Woman’s Day Gift – a single user coffee maker, for spoiling herself.

Coffee Gifts. What do you buy that special woman coffee lover in your life?  How do you find what is available?   Everyone has a different taste for coffee gifts.  They might even have their own personal preference of a custom coffee mug.  There is really more available out there to please everyone, you just have to find it.

This particular Java Jive Coffee Set has a 250ml plunger with stainless steel, glass and plastic; a 280ml stainless steel mug and a stainless steel bendy spoon, presented in a black box with lid.

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10. MP3/4 Players as a Woman’s Day Gift – A little too tech of a gift for some women but many would love a this gift to listen to music while at the gym or on the beach .





How to Celebrate Woman’s Day

  • Think about the women you would like to thank and why. Common examples are mothers, sisters, daughters, grandmothers, girlfriends, wives, nieces, and teachers.
  • Tell the important women in your life why they are so important to you. They don't always have to be "gushy" sentimental things, it could be saying something as simple as, "Thanks for doing the dishes everyday Mom!" She will love you for it.
  • Do something for an important woman in your life. Since your mother cleans up you mess everyday, don't you think you could help her out by cleaning the house one day? Simple gestures work wonders.
  • Think about a nice gift. It can be, depending on your budget and feelings, something from origami to French chocolates, or a nice date with your girlfriend or spouse.
  • Write something! You could make a blog post announcing that it is International Woman's Day, write a poem to your favorite female teacher, or put up flyers on campus. Let people know that you care.
  • Give money to charity. You can join a breast cancer awareness group or donate money to other groups that mostly support women.