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Woman's Day: Top Low Cost Gifts

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Top Ten Woman’s Day Gifts

Woman’s Day Gifts by Personality 

What is Woman’s Day?

The day recognizes women's contributions, especially in the undervalued roles of keeping a home and raising children. Women must play the leadership role in building and sustaining families both in the social and economic chaos of the developed world and in the life-threatening turbulence and poverty in Africa and Asia. Women's Day has now become global and has been designated as a national holiday in countries which recognize that in so many ways, the real heroes of our time are not the newsmakers, but the half of humanity that carries half the weight of our future with so little daily recognition.

When is Woman’s Day in South Africa?

09 August

Top Low Cost Woman's Day Gifts

Gifts Under R50.00 excl VAT

Waterspray Fan

This is a lovely refreshing woman's Day Gift. When the weather starts improving with the onset of spring, women will appreciate this refreshing woman's gift.

  • Translucent Body
  • Screw-Off Plastic Base
  • Round Upper Detail
  • 2 Fin Fan
  • On/Off Switch At Back
  • Plastic Lever

Travel Sewing Kit

Most women have had that day when they have had an unexpected rip in a skirt or other garment. This is a quick fix to prevent the humiliation of showing something that you don't want showing.

  • Compact Mirror
  • Safety Pin
  • Thread & Needle
  • Extra Button
  • Threader

Folding Mirror

A terrific quick touch up tool for a woman, when you are on your way to a function or a presentation.

Modern 4 piece manicure set

  • Nail clippers
  • Small nail scissors
  • Metal nail file
  • Tweazers

Manicure Set in Pouch

  • Nail clippers
  • Small nail scissors
  • Metal nail file
  • Tweazers

Telescope collapsible umbrella

Polyester telescopic fold-away umbrella with protective cover.

  • Size: 81 (32 - 55)
  • 170T

CrisMa business card holder

PU business card holder with a modern quilt pattern

  • Size: 10,3 x 6,8 x 1,8
  • Magnetic closure
  • Plaque
  • Black velour lining

EKO" range Grow your own tree

Woman's day was about making the world a better place. Start by planting a tree.

EKO" range Grow your own tree - indigenous tree seeds in recycled container. Order individually or combine into a set of 3

  • Size:11x 7

EKO" range Grow your own herb

"EKO" range Grow your own herb - organic herb seeds in recycled container. Order individually or combine into a set of 3!

"EKO" range Grow your own flower

"EKO" range Grow your own flower - indigenous flower seeds in recycled container. Order individually or combine into a set of 3

How to Celebrate Woman's Day

  • Think about the women you would like to thank and why. Common examples are mothers, sisters, daughters, grandmothers, girlfriends, wives, nieces, and teachers.
  • Tell the important women in your life why they are so important to you. They don't always have to be "gushy" sentimental things, it could be saying something as simple as, "Thanks for doing the dishes everyday Mom!" She will love you for it.
  • Do something for an important woman in your life. Since your mother cleans up you mess everyday, don't you think you could help her out by cleaning the house one day? Simple gestures work wonders.
  • Think about a nice gift. It can be, depending on your budget and feelings, something from origami to French chocolates, or a nice date with your girlfriend or spouse.
  • Write something! You could make a blog post announcing that it is International Woman's Day, write a poem to your favorite female teacher, or put up flyers on campus. Let people know that you care.
  • Give money to charity. You can join a breast cancer awareness group or donate money to other groups that mostly support women.