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Soccer Supporter Gear and Soccer Gifts

Soccer Supporter Gear and Soccer Gifts

No matter what team you are supporting we have a wide selection of supporter’s apparel which includes t-shirts, soccer shirts and jerseys; matching caps; golfers and jackets. As a loud and proud supporter of South African supporters, our specialty SA collection also includes branded t-shirts, caps, scarves and bags. We offer a range of great soccer gifts .

South Africa Official 2010 MENS Home Jersey

Official licensed Bafana Bafana 2010 World Cup shirt. Made from 100% polyester Climacool material  Highly suitable for Bafana Bafana soccer enthusiasts and avid South African sports supporters. Remember to select your size.

Warning: Please note that due to increasing demand, stock needs to be placed on back order and large orders may have to be received in batches.

Clothing for 2010

We offer a wide variety of soccer clothing options in colours to match most teams. As these items come with no branding, you are able to brand your logo on them.

There is a full range of colours available.

Please click here to see some of our other clothing options

We offer a range of great soccer gifts .

Please note that you may have to place these items on back order.


Caps for 2010

We offer a wide variety of supporter’s caps for many of the participating countries.

Warning: All official merchandise is subject to stock availability. Plus do not attempt to co- brand unless you have written permission ,

We offer a range of great soccer gifts .

Car Socks for 2010

Support South Africa during the cup. The car sock fits easily over car side mirrors. The mirror socks are made of an elastic fabric that can be stretched over a car’s wing mirrors and have been designed to fit any make or model.

As the hosting country, this is a must for all South Africans.

Energy Beans for 2010

Energy Sport Beans for fast energy!! Delicious flavours available – what every sports fan needs is more energy.

Get the boost you need to keep the excitement going

Every soccer fan needs gifts for the buddies that couldn’t come along to the game!!

Here are some great ideas soccer gift ideas.

We offer a range of great soccer gifts .


FIFA Branded Merchandise

There are very strict rules about what is allowed and what is not allowed for branding purposes. If you are purposing FIFA Branded Merchandise and you are not an official partner sponsor then you are not allowed to co-brand alongside the Fifa logo.

We offer a range of great soccer gifts .

Foam Products for 2010

We manufacture and supply all sorts of high quality foam products. Including hand wavers, stadium cushions and sunvisors. These are great FAN products that can be used to motivate your team. Get the whole set to be that “over the top” full on football fan!!
Get in the African Football vibe. These are great 2010 gifts .

Gogolos for 2010

Football fan glasses in the tradition of the real South African football fan are now available in 4 distinct designs.

No product that we have seen has the same happy effect on people. The gogolos are great 2010 gifts .

We offer a range of great soccer gifts .

Isikoko Fan helmet - Made in South Africa

The Isikoko Fan helmet comes with a vinyl sticker collection. 1 x Front extension, 2 x side flag extensions; all 32 qualifying countries available.

Makarabas , along with vuvuzelas , are the 2 essential pieces of football fan gear in South Africa, and no doubt this locally inspired creation is going to grab the hearts and minds of international football fans during the 2010 Soccer World Cup .

Both the makaraba and the vuvuzela are going to contribute to the unique spectacle that will be experienced in the various football stadiums across the country during the World Cup. One thing is for sure; fans from across the world are going to be nodding their heads and saying...'only in South Africa'.

We offer a range of great soccer gifts .

The isikokos are great 2010 gifts .

Jabulani 2010 soccer ball

The Adidas Jabulani is the official match ball for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The ball was unveiled in Cape Town, South Africa on December 4, 2009. Jabulani means "celebrate" in Zulu The ball was also used as the match ball of 2009 FIFA Club World Cup in the United Arab Emirates, and a special version of the ball, the Jabulani Angola was the match ball of The 2010 African Cup of Nations. This ball is also used in the 2010 Clausura Tournament of Argentina as well as the 2010 MLS season in the USA in the league's colours of blue and green.

We offer a range of great soccer gifts .

Kuduzela for 2010

It is believed that the earliest form of traditional trumpet was the kudu horn – called ixilongo in isiXhosa and mhalamhala in Tshivenda – which was blown to summons African villagers to meetings. The aptly named Kuduzela, which is based on the design of the handsome Kudu curved horn combines the ancient of tradition, traditional conservation and modern manufacturing in a harmonious blend between original Kudu horns and South African entrepreneurial spirit making it a truly African experience.

We offer a range of great soccer gifts .

The kuduzelas are great 2010 gifts

Makarapas for 2010

The Makarapa is a hand-cut and hand painted hard hat . It belongs to the typical South African football fan's supporters gear , and is increasingly popular with fans of other sports.

Sport fans spend hours to sculpture and paint their Makarapa in the colours and emblem of their clubs or country. Besides the makarapa, fans also wear giant glasses or have shields with team slogans and logos. With the FIFA World Cup 2010, the international profile and availability of the Makarapa has increased greatly.

We offer a range of great soccer gifts .

The makarapas are great 2010 gifts

Soccer Balls

Custom made Soccer Balls and branded soccer balls. Custom soccer balls have to be manufactured, so if you have not ordered your custom soccer balls, there is almost too little time left. However you have use standard stock to brand with your logo.

Belle Regalo is a distributor of high quality soccer balls , promotional soccer balls and custom logo .

Benefits of soccer ball marketing

The advertiser is given maximum exposure. We can design a ball with your company name on it and put all your products on different panels, and it then can be used as a direct mail tool to soccer households with the characteristics of your choice. The biggest advantage is that, unlike other mailing or promotional items, a soccer ball will not be discarded. Rather it will be used and shared with lots of other people, giving advertisers substantial second tier exposure.

The first and foremost benefit is that the ball will be noticed by the head of the family. Next, the ball will be used and shared with other players who will see the name of the company, and it will also be seen by parents and friends who are watching the players. If the soccer household that received the ball has 5 family members and one of the kids takes the ball for practice with 10 other kids, and there are 10 parents present to watch the practice, the name of the advertiser will be seen by at least 25 people, and these are very conservative estimates.

Now if we assume the ball is used for 6 months, then we can get some idea of the immense exposure.

On the other hand, if the same advertiser sends 25 pieces of their brochure as a mass mailer, only 5 may even be opened by the recipients.

Supporter’s Scarves for 2010

The soccer scarf has a storied tradition of being the badge of honor for soccer fans all over the world. Besides the ball, the scarf is the most recognized icon shared by football cultures around the globe.

We offer a range of great soccer gifts .

We offer a range of supporter’s scarves for 2010.

The Supporter’s scarves are great 2010 gifts

2010 Vuvuzelas

From Zulu vuvuzela (“to make a loud noise”)

What is a Vuvuzela: A trumpet shaped horn which is blown by fans at soccer matches in South Africa and produces a loud sound.

The Vuvuzela , originally made out of tin, but now locally manufactured in plastic, has certainly influenced and shaped South Africa’s soccer culture into being what it is today – alive, vocal and energetic.


The Vuvuzela can be imprinted or stamped individually on the assigned areas, e.g. with company logos. Pad print also makes circulating imprints possible. This is however restricted to only one colour. Special packing as well as shrink-wrap with decorative foil can be arranged.


Basically the Vuvuzela can be produced in any RAL-colour, all other “non-metallic colours”, some metallic paints and “spangle.”

Modern Production

The production of the Vuvuzela corresponds to the latest requirements
concerning ecological and hygienic aspects

We offer a range of great soccer gifts .

The vuvuzelas are great 2010 gifts .


We have rounded up a few facts about South Africa's preperations to host the 2010 Fifa World Cup. Here are quick facts about South Africa.


The new stadiums are the most spectacular in the world and they will collectively seat more than 570 000 people.

  • The Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban has a steel arch 105 m above the middle of the pitch, and by using a cable car, spectators will enjoy a stunning view of the Indian Ocean.
  • Soccer City in Johannesburg takes the form of a calabash, a traditional African drinking vessel. The outer skin area spans 43 000 m2 and will be constructed from wholly natural energy-efficient material. It is the biggest stadium in Africa, seating almost 95 000 people.
  • The Mbombela Stadium in Nelspruit is situated in a region known for its wild beauty and animals, close to the Kruger National Park. Its signature feature is the 18 roof supports that resemble giraffes. Stadiums in townships are being upgraded, some as training venues. These include:
  • Orlando Stadium, which has been completed ahead of schedule, and Dobsonville Stadium in Soweto
  • Rand, Cecil Payne, Rabie Ridge and Ruimsig stadiums in Johannesburg • HM Pitje, Super and Giant stadiums in Tshwane/Pretoria
  • Sesa Ramabodu Stadium in Rocklands, Cape Town
  • Princess Magogo, King Zwelithini and Sugar Ray Xulu stadiums in Durban
  • Olympia Park Stadium in Rustenburg

Did you know?

  • Some R25-million will be invested in club development across sporting codes, especially in poorer communities, to unearth and nurture our sports talent, and improve our sports competitiveness.
  • Some R212-million is being invested in school and community sport over the period to 2010.
  • The Schools Programme will bring the FIFA World Cup™ ethos of fair play, healthy lifestyles and multiculturalism to 12 million schoolchildren through sports, arts and culture .


The satellite teleport and telecommunications infrastructure for the World Cup will support transmission capacity of 40 gigabytes per second and will be used after 2010 to provide broadband services.

The International Broadcast Centre in Johannesburg will be the media nerve centre, receiving broadcast transmissions from the stadiums and distributing them across the globe.

The media nerve-centre includes a “farm” of satellite dishes covering an area of 5 000 m². The cumulative television audience for the 2010 event will reach about 26,9 billion.

Did you know?

South Africa’s 2010 World Cup official slogan is KE NAKO. Celebrate Africa’s Humanity™. “Ke Nako” is a Sesotho, Sesotho sa Leboa and Setswana word for “it’s time”. It is a call to celebrate Africa as the origin of humanity and as a contributor to every sphere of human endeavour


For the first time in history, FIFA is contracting non-hotel accommodation, such as national parks, bed-and-breakfasts, lodges and guest houses.

South Africa already has 80 000 graded rooms – more than enough to cover the number of 55 000 required by FIFA.


The country will have free primary healthcare at official venues, 24-hour emergency medical services and international and local surveillance measures for disease outbreaks. The 2010 FIFA World Cup™ will accelerate the improvement of South Africa’s emergency medical services:

  • two well-equipped communications centres worth R37 million are being established in each province for real-time co-ordination of emergency vehicles to the nearest available emergency centre
  • some R8 million is being invested to upgrade emergency centres
  • medical helicopter services will be extended to all provinces
  • 450 vehicle ambulances will be replaced.


Nothing will be left to chance in securing the events and our country. This investment will continue to assist the police in their crime-fighting initiatives long after the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ is over:

  • Some R665 million will be spent on procuring state-of-the-art equipment, including crowd-control equipment, unmanned aircraft, helicopters, 10 water cannons, 100 BMWs for highway patrol and mobile body armour.
  • Four high-tech mobile command centres will receive live footage from the airplanes and other cameras.
  • A dedicated force of 41 000 officers will be deployed specifically for the 2010 FIFA World Cup™.

Did you know?

For the World Summit on Sustainable Development, South Africa pioneered a security model that has been acknowledged as a new international benchmark – and has since been adopted by the United Nations as its model for large events .


  • Some R1.5-billion is invested in upgrading the ports of entry, and preparations for the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ are improving immigration procedures for the smooth entry and exit of people in and out of the country.
  • We will have event-specific visas that will enable ticket holders to enter the country with ease.
  • This includes speeding up immigration processes at ports of entry through “fast-track” lanes and advanced passenger processing in which travelers are checked before they board the airplane to their destination.