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Exhibition and Trade Show Gifts

From corporate gifts, branded gifts with your personalized logo, Christmas gifts to corporate clothing and products– everything can be done here!

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The use of exhibition gifts is very much in vogue. Exhibition gifts are basically promotional gifts without which no business can think of accomplishing their marketing campaign.  Exhibition gifts are handed out to the visitors, clients and consumers with the company brand name and logo embellished with bold letters.

Bags as an exhibition gift or trade show gift

Conference bags , conference folders, meeting bags, laptop bags, luggage, pens, paper products. No matter what kind of conference or exhibition bag you need we can help you. You can have your logo on your conference bag. Depending on the type of conference bags you can silk screen on conference bags, pad print on conference bags, embroider of conference bags and even have domed stockers on conference bags.

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Brochure Stands for exhibitions and trade shows

Brochure Holders, Literature Racks, Literature Organizers & BrochureDisplays. Keep your brochures and literature organized and displayed in a polished and professional manner.

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Caps as an exhibition gift or trade show gift

Promotional caps have made a name for themselves amongst the muddle of promotional items for exhibition gifts and trade show gifts. They are highly praised for their efficiency in driving the scale of profit, but they are preferred for their multi-quality.

Promotional caps are not only competent enough to increase profits but are apt mediums to positively address the audiences related directly or indirectly to the business.

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Clothing as an exhibition gift or trade show gift

Promotional Clothing is a clever way to advertising your business. By just adding a company logo to an otherwise plain cloth you will turn it into a to a high street fashion unique branded item. It will in the same time also be a great way for free advertising. The options available for promotional clothing are numerous and items can be designed to specific requirements.

Promotional clothing is also a good way to provide a corporate image. Branded clothing will improve the overall appearance of a workplace by giving it a uniform style and professional look.

Studies have found that employees prefer to wear a uniform as they can easily be identified as part of the work force and also provide a sense of belonging. Logos and branded clothing products are big business. Businessmen wear branded polo shirts in their leisure time and jackets are emblazoned with favourite logos of various products and companies.

Many companies sell products with their logos and labels printed all over them. It is seen as fashionable and trendy these days to wear items of clothing with the "right" football team, music group or designer printed on your cloths. With a good idea and smart design it can be just as easy for your company to create promotional clothing that will be in demand.

Coasters as an exhibition gift or trade show gift

Promotional coasters are great promotional items because a great promotional or exhibition gift can be virtually anything...pens, mugs, coasters, folders. A great promotional item must have three qualities: one, they should attract the attention of users. Two, they need to be cost-effective to be able to be used by all kinds of companies. And lastly, they need to be practical and should be of some use for the recipients. Promotional coasters qualify for all the three above mentioned qualities.


Folders as an exhibition gift or trade show gift

The presence of exhibition folders is very much integral to the daily professional errand. This makes them an already acknowledged article. Promotion through conference folders thus makes all the sense to achieve the purpose of publicity optimally. For delegates that will be visiting a conference as part of the exhibition or trade show, you would choose an up market conference folder. For guests visiting the stands you can have a paper printed folder for catalogues or other promotional material for your exhibition or trade show.

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Fortune Cookies as an exhibition gift or trade show gift

Fortune cookies are ideal for creating interest at exhibitions. Take a cookie and put a fortune inside.... or your own message. The worst problem with exhibitions is watching hundreds of people just walk past your stand.

A stand that has just cost tens of thousands of rands to set up and what do you get? People who are often afraid to make even eye contact. Most people hate the hard sell, even just passing out little leaflets will cause some people to jump back like you have just put a bees nest in their hands.

So why not try to woo them to your stand. Send potential customers a Fortune Cookie before the exhibition:

‘We will be on stand 148, hall E & we will have a warm welcome for you’

Key rings as an exhibition gift or trade show gift

Promotional keyrings as an exhibition gift offer multiple benefits to a company and that's why it is preferred by most of the companies. It help organisations in growing and expanding by keeping its customer group interested with the brands. It is a well known fact that tools like plastic keyrings are essential for companies. If you look around, you are sure to find at least one promotional keyring. May be, it is a plastic keyring or a metal keyring which your colleagues might be using. Key ring s make great exhibition and trade show gifts.

Lanyards as an exhibition gift or trade show gift

Everyone knows that slipping a lanyard over your head is the easiest way to put on an ID first thing in the morning before you have had your caffeine. You don’t have to decide where the badge should clip on to your outfit or worry that your sweater will unravel from a snag. Lanyards are a reliable choice for displaying name badges and security credentials at any organization and for every occasion.

Lanyards are also simple to take off (no pins to undo), but for things like access swiping this isn’t even necessary. The lanyard is long enough to reach a standard doorframe mounted card reader effortlessly. They are great marketing tool especially if you are sponsoring an exhibition or trade show.

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Mouse pads as an exhibition gift or trade show gift

Most companies staging exhibitions prefer to use exhibition gifts and promotional items to attract more customers or increase brand visibility. Some companies initially tend to offer free samples to persuade consumers to try them out. However, free samples have been replaced by various exhibition gifts in current times, such as pens, umbrellas, USBs, mouse pads, and many more. A mouse pad allows you to add your contact details to a very practical and well used gift.

Mugs as an exhibition gift or trade show gift

Exhibition gifts like mugs are reminders of a particular selling brand to the customer. In the normal case, each visitor is given an exhibition gift, which also functions as an excellent brand advertiser.

Additionally, these mugs also function as a gift of regard to potential clients. When corporations offer gifts to visitors in a stall with useful gifts like mugs, they are in fact pleasing the customers. A pleased customer is also more likely to enter into a business relationship. The customers are naturally pleased with gifts they can use for a long period of time and with gift items that have a high sense of usefulness for them.

Pens as an exhibition gift or trade show gift

Promotional pens have a lot of interesting features. They are the best gifts for a seminar, conference, or a meeting. They are the best exhibition gifts too. The printed pens distributed during an exhibition will be useful to the visitors . They are the most impressive gifts too. Another favourable criterion that makes promotional pens the most popular corporate gifts is their low price. The pens are available in a wide variety so that different businesses can choose them according to their requirements.


Pull up banners as an exhibition gift or trade show gift

If you are looking to publicize your business in a special way, then you must consider using banners. Banners are considered as one of the best mediums of grabbing attention. If someone will stop and read your banner, then a banner can certainly convince him to pay a visit to your store or other business place.


Stress Balls as an exhibition gift or trade show gift

Promotional stress balls make great stress relievers and are perfect as corporate gifts at trade fairs or just to say thanks to your customers. Promotional stress balls are squeezed to decrease muscular and overall tension. When you make a fist, with or without a stress toy in your hand, you're creating muscle tension. When you release your grip, muscular relaxation follows. Try it right now: make fists, squeeze a little bit, and hold for a few seconds. Okay, relax them, and feel the tension leave your hands and fingers. Wait a moment and do the same thing again; this time, breathe in when you tense your hands, and exhale when you let them relax a few seconds later. If you try this two or three times, squeeze a little harder each time as you go along. This process is called progressive muscular relaxation, and can be done with every muscle group in your body. Because acute muscle tension is followed by relaxation when you release whatever muscle area you're working on, this stress management exercise can flush out a huge amount of muscle tension from your head to your toes.

Umbrellas as an exhibition gift or trade show gift

You can select umbrellas as your exhibition gift. There are certain reasons behind the selection of the umbrella as a promotional gift. Umbrellas can be the perfect promotional items because they are the only product that can serve a person in all weathers and can be regarded as useful item. In bad as well as in good weather, it is always required by every individual, which will ultimately remind them of your business. You can imprint your company’s logo on it along with a message so that your company’s symbol can have a shine on hot sunny days under the sun. Moreover, they can be perfectly use as the promotional product as they can be used by various ages, starting from a child to an aged person.

Why use Trade Fair Gifts or Exhibition Gifts

Events like trade fairs, shows and exhibitions are popular happenings in the business world. Exhibitions are actually the places where a lot of business people and clients gather at one place and these are the right places where businesses get the opportunity to advertise their brand, products and services to the prospective clients. Exhibitions as the term suggest, are the best places where you can exhibit your items and products and the greatest advantage of these events is that only the prospective clients or customers come and visit your stalls. You reach out to only the interested clients and customers.

The use of exhibition gifts is very much in vogue. Exhibition gifts are basically promotional gifts without which no business can think of accomplishing their marketing campaign.  Exhibition gifts are handed out to the visitors, clients and consumers with the company brand name and logo embellished with bold letters. Exhibition gifts are highly effective and they proficiently manage to carve a place in the minds of clients and customers. Attractive and alluring exhibition gifts enhance and endorse the company image and the brand is remembered for a long time. Practical, useful and attractive exhibition gifts also act as walking advertisements for all onlookers and passers by and the brand name and fame reach far and wide.

Exhibition gifts can be just anything. Any commodity of practical use can be used as exhibition gifts and can be personalised with company logo and message. However, choosing appropriate exhibition gifts for your company may be an uphill task. The corporate world is really competitive and to survive and prosper in this business scenario is highly challenging. While choosing your exhibition gifts, you must keep in mind that all other organisations and companies will also make use of some exhibition gifts or the other to advertise their brand.

To stand out and ahead of your competitors, you need to employ some unique and novel ideas for your exhibition gifts. Exhibition gifts may be chosen keeping parity with the company theme and the products it manufactures. For example, if a company produces auto parts and car accessories, they can well go for car fresheners or keyrings or car decorative items. For a software firm, there can be no better exhibition gifts than mouse or mouse mats. For a sporting goods manufacturing company, appropriate exhibition gifts may be sporty bags, travel mugs, t-shirts, polo shirts and many more.

Whatever you choose as your exhibition gifts, you can make a difference and stand out in the competition with proper customisation of your products. Give your exhibition gifts an alluring and striking look with designer and trendy logo, a warm and heartfelt message and bright colours. Your exhibition gifts will get noticed by all in the crowd and your company name will come up with glory and pride. Budget is always a major consideration. It is always advisable not to go for very expensive items as exhibition gifts and strain your pocket.

Exhibition Gifts - Make Your Presence
Felt In the Huge Crowd

Are you planning to organise a special event to advertise your brand to a large number of people? If its so then you are thinking like many other companies who also hold different events to create a niche for their companies among the people. These orgnisations organise trades fairs, road shows, exhibitions, Christmas and New Year parties, corporate meetings, company’s foundation day ceremony and many others. However, of all these different occasions, the exhibitions are the most favoured ones, as they see a lot of visitors who are keen to learn more about the different brands that are displayed at one single place.

Generally, a large number of companies organise the display of their products on separate booths during an exhibition. But, doing so is not enough. Most of the visitors only stay for less than even a few minutes on a stall and move on to the next without getting to know much about the brand. This does is not effective in advertising the brand to a lot many people, which is the sole aim of organizing the event in the first place. However, if you want to make your presence felt in the huge crowd of competitors, you should make it a point to give all the visitors to your booth with exhibition gifts . This will ensure that your booth becomes the highlight of the event and draws a lot of people.

In this way, you can overcome competition and also make a mark on the mind of all the recipients. With a large number of potential clients coming to your booth, you can easily use the opportunity to tell them about your company and the products and services you want to endorse. Then, you can hand them over a free gift, with your brand name imprinted on it. This will ensure that even after they leave the place, they will still carry a memento from the event. As and when that will use the article, they will tend to remember the occasion as well as the company that bestowed them with the gift.

So, if you are planning to host such an event, you should use these exhibition gifts for effective brand advertising. For the best results, you should use useful items such as pens, paper products, keyrings, mouse mats, umbrellas and many others. But, before buying them, you should ensure that they are of good quality and are also not overtly expensive. Also, you should get them printed with your brand name and logo in an appealing fashion and have them packed attractively.

Should You Hire Attractive Ladies To Man Your Exhibition Or Trade Show Stand?

Hired models for exhibitions are not unusual on the exhibit floor, and it’s tempting for exhibitors to hire them as a quick and easy way to draw attention from competitors. But do these ladies draw the right kind of attention—and are they a good idea for your business in particular? Here are five questions to ask before making the decision to hire ladies to promote your product or service.

Q 1: Who’s your audience?

Hired ladies are often seen at exhibits that are traditionally male-dominated—such as auto shows or tech conventions. But even in these realms, the decision to use hired ladies is not an entirely safe one. Many women are repelled by hired ladies, and even in historically male-dominated industries, there are still women in decision-making positions. When you use hired ladies, you have to weigh the benefit of attracting attention from flocks of male attendees who may not be interested in your product against the drawback of offending the female CEO of a company you’d love to do business with.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that hired ladies won’t work for your audience. You’ll need to do some careful market research before you decide. Don’t just research the regular attendee demographics; find out who’s in a decision-making position at the companies you’re courting as well. That female CEO at the male-dominated trade show might love your booth—and your company—if you’re the only one that didn’t hire models.

Q 2: Does it complement your corporate image?

Some corporate images are perfectly compatible with hired ladies—Playboy and Maxim, for example. For others, the connection may be more of a stretch. If you’re not in a “sexy” industry, a hired lady might dilute or distract from your company image. People who flock around a hired lady probably won’t be interested in breakfast cereal or investing.

Q 3: What’s your goal?

When deciding whether or not to hire hired ladies, it’s important to consider your goals for the show. Do you just want to get your brochure in the hands of as many people as possible? If so, a hired lady might not be a bad idea. If you want to educate consumers, make sales contacts, or get the public to remember your brand, however, a hired lady might be a bad choice. Hired ladies are great at getting attention and passing out brochures, but if you want someone who can discuss your product, engage potential customers, and forge business relationships, you may be better off relying on a good salesperson.

Q 4: What’s your larger marketing plan?

It’s usually not a good idea to rely on hired ladies alone to market your product. Even in an industry that expects to see scantily clad women at exhibits, they shouldn’t be your only marketing plan. The most successful use of hired ladies usually involves allowing the model to “front” the booth and attract attention, then funnel visitors to knowledgeable salespeople.

Q 5: What are their skills?

Whenever you hire outside talent to work your trade show booth, you must be very careful to hire the right person. An outside booth attendant may not know as much about your product—or have as much interest in selling it—as you or your employees. A good hired lady isn’t just a pretty face; she should also have some sales experience and a willingness to engage visitors about your product. Not all hired ladies are skilled at this, so hire carefully.

Hiring beautiful women to work at your booth is a risk—and it can pay off for you, but only if you use this tactic under the right circumstances. The biggest drawback of using hired ladies is that they do attract attention, but they can also distract. The people who show up at your booth may remember the name on the buxom model’s nametag, but they may not remember the name of your company. In many cases, a skilled sales staff will get you better results.